Why do I need to register?

Like many online services that enable anonymous public comments (e.g. PubPeer), Registered Reports Community Feedback requires users to register with an account.

Creating a user account allows users who are returning to give Stage 2 feedback on a specific manuscript, to link that Stage 2 feedback to existing Stage 1 feedback for the same manuscript.

For prospective feedback (e.g. feedback where Stage 2 peer review has yet to occur, and where the user has given Stage 1 feedback) a user account enables users to leave feedback per stage and link those stages.

A user account also allows for authors/reviewers of multiple manuscripts to manage/distinguish between the various pieces of feedback they have given.For instance, a user can view the Stage 1 feedback they have previously given, before giving linked Stage 2 feedback. A logged in user may also choose to invite co-authors to give feedback on the same manuscript (in the case of author feedback).

For these reasons you will need to register for an account to give feedback. We only require that you register a functioning email address (your name is not required) and the email address does not need to be one that identifies you by name.